Under the direction CBSE and guideline of Public School Development Society, Aligarh, Sahodaya Schools Complex, Aligarh is registered CBSE Website on 25.09.2017 – A cluster of 45 CBSE affiliated schools of Aligarh City. Its initiative had been taken up by Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma (Principal, Maharishi Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. Public School, Aligarh) as President and Mr. Shyam Kuntail (Principal, Brilliant Public School, Aligarh) as Secretary.

Inaugural Ceremony of Sahodaya Schools Complex, Aligarh held on 1st Dec.,2017 at Maharishi Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. Public School, Agra Road, Aligarh in the gracious presence of –

Mr. Pravin Agrawal Ji,
(Hon’ble President, PSDS, Aligarh)
M.D., Krishna International School,

Mr. Rakesh Nandan Ji,
(Secretary, PSDS, Aligarh)
Secretary, Heritage International School,

Dr. Ahmad M. Siddiqui Ji
(Vice-President,  PSDS, Aligarh)
Secretary, Al-Barkaat Public School,

Mr. Anup Gupta Ji
(Treasurer, PSDS, Aligarh)
Secretary, Wisdom Public School,

All the 45 members of Sahodaya Schools Complex, Aligarh took oath to be a faithful member to the complex and to follow the messages, directions of CBSE.

All the members will work together towards the common goal of sharing educational experiences, and setting new benchmarks of quality benefiting all the Students, Parents and Teachers for enhancing the whole community at large with the spirit of sharing and caring of good ideas that have worked for others. It will also aim to create a framework of leadership to offer avenues to strengthen pedagogical strands.

Through Sahodaya Schools Complex, Aligarh, we also endeavour to employ new technologies on a frequent and sustained basis of enhance students learning as also the continued professional growth of teachers to introduce new dynamics of innovation and student engagement.